Coinex 1st Indian AMA

Why should we use coinex exchange which types of advance features you provide to its users?

1.Fast Deposit & Withdrawal: Deposits can arrive within 5 minutes and small withdrawals of cryptos can be completed immediately.
2. High-speed Matching Engine: our proprietary high-speed matching engine supports a processing capacity of up to 10,000 transactions per second. We guarantee stability under concurrency of a huge amount of trade volume.
3. Abundant Choices for Derivatives Trading: To meet various trading needs of users, CoinEx now supports a range of cryptocurrency derivatives trading services, such as margin trading, futures trading, option trading, etc.
4. Full-dimension Protection: Multiple safety strategies, collaboration with world top security team, full security assessment of the network and full-dimension protection for your account and assets.
5. 100% Reserves: All your digital assets on CoinEx will be 100% reserved and won’t be used anywhere else. Your withdrawals will be 100% processed in time.

Do you think the coinex exchange is well established and known in the crypto market??

Sure.CoinEx core team are from world leading internet and finance companies, including the earliest adopters/professionals of cryptocurrency who boast rich experience in R&D, global operations and services in the industry. The founder Haipo Yang has successively established ViaBTC (mining pool) and CoinEx (crypto exchange), and ViaBTC has been ranked 5th in BTC hashrate in the world.The main investor of CoinEx is Bitmain. Bitmain is the world’s largest manufacturer of mining hardware. Its “Antminer” accounts for 70% of the global market of mining machine hardware. In the past 2 years of operation, our exchange has lost 0 token, and no customers have received any kind of asset loss.

In Financial account we can hold usdt only. When others coins will support ?

According to our user surveys, USDT has the largest demand, so we first put online USDT. In the future, we will launch other cryptocurrencies in CoinEx Lending, such as BTC, ETH and so on.

Currently, ethereum blockchain is slow compared to other scalable blockchain’s do you planned to move from erc-20 to other scalable blockchain?

We will launch the coinex chain mainnet in november. the TPS is 4000 in testnet and expect to bi higher in mainnet.

Security of your Coinex Exchage?

Protecting the security of user assets is the most important aspect of an exchange. CoinEx guarantees the security of users’ assets from the following aspects:
1) HTTPS is used in the whole network;
2) Support 2-factor authentication methods such as Google Authenticator and SMS;
3) Digital assets adopt the strategies such cold wallet and multisignature;
4) Cooperate with the top security team in the space and conduct regular audits to ensure the security of your account and assets.

OTC service and for india?
Due to the regulatory requirements of the location where we operate, we have removed the OTC trading service earlier before. We believe that OTC trading has an important for new users in investing digital currency. Therefore, we are considering re-launching OTC in some countries/regions, but we are careful about this action and more studies need to be conducted.

CET get List Other Exchange is Possible? Then When ,Which Exchange
CET will be listed on other exchanges. We are discussing with several exchanges and we already stroked a deal with some of them. We will both list the platform-based token on each other’s exchange when the time is right, but because of the trade secrets, I can’t disclose which exchanges they are for the time being.

CoinEx Chain Global Nodes Mean?
CoinEx Chain’s global nodes means the safe operation of the blockchain network and participating in community building and management, so it is also a measure taken to govern the community. We hope to create a decentralized community that is managed by the nodes. The nodes participate in the ecological construction of the entire community and attract more projects and users to the community. A valid CoinEx Chain node will receive block rewards and an income from the transaction fee, and the node is also obligated to preventing double signing and DDos attacks, being online all the time, upgrading nodes and configuration, etc.
Three days ago, we initiated the recruitment of global nodes. So far, more than 30 organizations or individuals have announced their official participation in the election, and the number of applicants is still increasing.

what is Index Price,Weight%,How to Determaine?
The index price is a reference price used in CoinEx contract products and is weighted by the spot price of the mainstream markets.
For the index price of perpetual contracts: it comes from the average prices of the spot market of the following exchanges, as listed below:

How much Insurance Fund (Margin) Trading ?
30% of the daily interest is added to Insurance Funds (Margin) every day to handle the bankrupt positions. CoinEx reserves the rights for future use of the funds. The details can be found here: Click

Coinex DEX When will Get?
Just as what I just said, the mainnet of CoinEx Chain will be launched in November. After the mainnet goes online, any user can issue their own cryptocurrency on CoinEx DEX.

Why Suddenly Removed CET Pair (Now only 2 coins)
The stability and liquidity of CET itself is not as good as mainstream digital currencies (such as BTC, BCH, ETH, USDT, etc.). If it is priced by it, the price of the trading currency may not be relatively objective and displayed directly, so we have delisted some of the CET trading pairs. In the future, as the CET ecosystem develops and improves, CET itself will have a much better liquidity and the price will be more stable, we will launch more CET trading pairs.

Can you Reduce Spice Deposit Limit 100 to 3?
At present, the minimum deposit of Spice is 100, and decreasing from 100 to 3 may be temporarily unlikely. To ensure the security of the user’s assets, the user’s deposit will be transferred from the hot wallet to the exchange’s cold wallet. If the minimum deposit is too low, the deposit will not be able to pay the withdrawal fee.

Reward for Margin Trading (Binance giving 10$ Credit)
We will also give such credits for in our perpetual contracts. Please pay attention to our announcements.

Any offline Event for India (Coinex CHain Roadshow)
In the roadshows of CoinEx Chain, we plan to hold a meeting in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc. Currently there is no plan to hold such an event in India. But we will promote it locally by recruiting local community ambassadors. We welcome community users in India who hold local events to promote the CoinEx Chain, just like the AMA you host today.

Any Plan for Diwali Offer (free 100CET offer again for new user)
CoinEx will hold its 2nd anniversary celebrations, and we will launch a series of promotions to reward our loyal users, also including incentive plans for new registered users. Stay tune!

Tamil Language Option (if make mean 1st Exchange)
We don’t know much about the Indian market yet. Thank you for letting us know. Maybe I should ask you to know more about the Indian market, so that we can decide whether to put online this language.

What is future projects?
In the future, we will focus on the following aspects:

1.Continue to improve the product and optimize the user experience. Now we are still in a bear market, which gives us a certain amount of time to optimize the products and prepare for the next round of bull market.
2.We will introduce high-quality projects, list their tokens on our exchange and add more trading pairs.
3.Development of CoinEx DEX.

For Indian Market Coinex what will Do ?
As I mentioned above, we are recruiting local promotion ambassadors and hope to promote our exchange business locally through the ambassador. We will match this ambassador program with the corresponding incentive policies.

Piggy Bank Service (Like okex)
We already supported USDT in CoinEx Lending. In the future, we will support more tokens and generate more income for our customers.

Coinex Pay Service ? <Payment Gateway>
Temporarily, this service is not available.

Comunity voting for New Coins?
At present, we mainly list new tokens through the selection of our team, and for the future we will adopt community voting based on the market performance.

Coinex Academy like Binance academy
There is no plan to launch CoinEx Academy, but we will launch a CoinEx Tutorial to guide users to better use our exchange.

Ambassador Prize When Will Get (New List)
The referral reward will be settled on a daily basis

Now i purchase bitcoin in credit or debit card on coinex?
Currently the OTC trading service is not available on CoinEx, so you won’t be able to purchase bitcoin at this moment, but we are working on it.

What will you do to driving #CET Use cases and applications, especially in the Assia region?

Will recruit global nodes and encourage the communities to recomment good projects and do ICO in #CET

In 2019, there are many cases happened like Security breaches / KYC hacks ! So, How Coinex Takes KYC secure and explain some details about Funds Security ?
We are very confident when it comes to security since our technicians have built a reliable network for CoinEx. For the features and the reasons why CoinEx should be trusted, I already answered them before.

Is Coinex Exchange provides API trading Feature for their traders ?
Yes we do. Please look it up here for the detailed instructions: Click

In future Any plan to launch decentralized wallet (Mobile Application) for Dex access??

will do. and some of our partners have already launch such kind of wallet

Currently, ethereum blockchain is slow compared to other scalable blockchain’s do you planned to move from erc-20 to other scalable blockchain?

We will launch the coinex chain mainnet in november. the TPS is 4000 in testnet and expect to bi higher in mainnet.

Holding CET will have the following benefits for:
1. You can share the dividend of block rewards after you stake a certain amount of CET on a valid node once the mainnet is launched.
2. You will be entitled to the quota for some accelerated projects where you can have a chance to buy the token at a much lower price if you hold enough CET.
3. You can use it to issue tokens in CoinEx DEX.
The benefits will be far more than the ones mentioned here. we are building the ecosystem. Of course, it needs some time.

Eddie Jiang, CMO of Coinex

After this AMA, I think I will pay more attention to Indian market and work on some plans to expand the market there. I hope to receive more support for CoinEx from all of you in the future. I will see you guys next time. Once again, thank you so much.