Show Us Your Creativity and Win 0.5 BCH + 10,000 CET!

We know how it is important to stay at home and stick to quarantine now. To make home staying more fun, CoinEx launches a logo challenge! Get prizes for your imagination during self-isolation! The most creative will win 0.5 BCH + 10,000 CET!


First Place: 0.5 BCH+10,000 CET
Second Place: 10,000 CET
Third Place: 8,000 CET
Creativity Award for 5 participants: 1,000 CET for each

How to participate

Create a CoinEx Logo using objects around your house (ex. stationary, clothes, food). Post a photo with a message on your Twitter account, follow and tag @coinexcom, put a hashtag #CoinExChallenge.

Stages & Deadlines

CoinEx Logo Challenge is conducted in Twitter and have two stages:

On the first stage, all participants should post a photo of the created CoinEx Logo in their twitter accounts between April 15 and April 21.

All posts, besides photo, should include a short message, @coinexcom and the hashtag #CoinExChallenge. All participants should follow CoinEx Official Twitter account and send your picture with a personal twitter link to for official verification.

The second stage starts on April 24 when CoinEx will post top 3 most popular photos (based on the overall score) on the CoinEx Official Twitter account and the users will vote for their favorite photo with their likes, retweets and comments. First, second and third places will be assigned according to their total number of the points. Deadline April 27.

Five lucky participants will win 1,000 CET for their creativities. Selected by the official CoinEx jury team.

The table of evaluation

On each stage, the overall score of each photo is consisted of the total number of the points.

Overall score = (№ of Comments *2 + № of Retweets *3 + № of Likes * 1)

Requirements for the photo:

1. The photo should resembles the form of the CoinEx Logo

2. The photo should not carry any unappropriated content that is sexual, harmful, violent, misleading and unlawful.

Coinex reserves all rights for final explanation. For inquires please contact: